8 Aug

No Ostriches in a Car Driving Computer Game

No Ostriches in a Car Driving Computer Game

Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

Reading time: 1 min 8 sec. Readability score: 72.

In my dream, I am focusing on a computer screen, which has the construction field of a computer game that you can partly design yourself. Mostly, it involves driving a car from an overhead view. The straight road appears vertically on the screen at first. There are not many other features.

There are some options where I can make the road curve. Just driving the virtual car around does not seem much of a challenge. Over time, I have snippets of a dream within a dream to utilize in my original.

In a virtual workspace in the second dream, I want to have a large oval area on the left. In that area, I want it to be ground only, with several ostriches that randomly come out from the wayside onto the road so that I can be challenged to drive through without hitting any of them.

I go back to my main dream to look for “Ostrich” in the context menu of the game to place them in the area I had already cleared. I look through it several times, assuming it is in alphabetical order, but cannot find “Ostrich” and become very annoyed that I cannot make the design I want. Instead, I find “Österreich.” There is a large icon on the right within the context menu itself that features the Mariazell Basilica as on a set of postage stamps I had many years ago. (“Österreich” is the German name for Austria.) That will place a church in the playing field if I select it (by drag and drop), but I wake before I look through other options on the context menu.

Non-lucid dreams with such extraordinary, surprising cleverness keep me intrigued.


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