6 Nov

Nearly died in a school shooting

Nearly died in a school shooting

It was the end of the school day and I was leaving my class after the bell was ringing. I was heading straight to my locker to get my things. It was a pretty long walk considering my class was at a different wing. For those who don’t know what wings are in a school, they are a set of hallways you walk through to get to a certain class.

I got to my locker and retrieved my things and found my brother as I walked away from my locker. While we were walking to the front entrance, my brother went to the water fountain to get some water so I kept going to the entrance to wait on him, I overheard a group of kids saying: “Did anyone else see that gun in his coat pocket?” One kid said, I had no clue who they were talking about to begin with and it kinda freaked me out but I blew it off as them telling jokes.

When I got to the entrance, What happened next was terrifying... as I was adjusting my backpack, everything slowed down outta nowhere as I saw a different kid glance back and then he pulled out a gun out of his coat pocket, Loaded it, and aimed it DIRECTLY AT ME!. Right then and there I knew his what his intentions were, he was going to shoot up the school! I screamed and ran back and moved sideways as to dodge his bullet. Luckily he took a shot and missed.

Then the ear-piercing screams of other kids and teachers and gunfire filled my ears as I ran back to my brother. He was as scared as me and we both had adrenaline pumping as we ran to another entrance out the school and all the way home without stopping. As my brother and I were running, we saw a police car which we ran to and we told the officers what was happening at the school. “Jesus!, ok you two keep running, me and my partner will handle it!” One of the officers said. The car speeded away to the school, And their sirens echoed as my brother and I kept running home.

In my waking life, I was feeling uneasy. I lay in bed wondering how my dream would’ve ended if I froze up in fear instead of running away.


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