10 Jan



a few years ago i kept on seeing one dream for a few months. it was about a boy i hardly knew, he was in my school and in the same batch but i hardly knew him. one day he added me on facebook and from that day i started seeing him in my dreams everyday and after a while i started seeing this dream everyday for a few months. i never chatted with that boy and a week or two after becoming friends with him on facebook, i deleted him there but i saw that dream for a long time. the dream was that i would see myself sitting on a table(a small round table) i was sitting near a sidewalk and i see him coming my way but then as he comes near he just passes by, doesnt stop doesnt come to me the way it seemed but goes past by me....At times i would feel like there was glass between us....like i was sitting in a cafe with glass separating it from the outside, this i would feel when he would go past me. i saw this dream for a few months but even when i would not see this dream i would always have him in my dreams, but then after many months his frequency of coming in my dreams reduced and then later stopped....and now i haven't seen him in my dreams for a few years

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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jan 11, 2017

    Hi Bird! If this were my dream I would imagine the boy may represent an aspect of myself and I would think about the qualities I had admired in him that I feel/felt are/were out of my reach (glass between us). Alternately, I would think he may symbolize my masculine side: confident, independent, individualistic, determined and/or my ability to act creatively/succeed in the outer world. I would consider the ways I may feel detached (separated) from my masculine characteristics. I would ask myself, "How may I feel ready to remove the barriers to integrating my masculine energies?"