18 Mar

My grandfather.

My grandfather.

I was meeting with my grandfather, and the thing is asked me to bring him some medicines before meeting. And and when we met, he told the will return me money for it, but i hugged him and sad: "If ill need this money in future, ill tell you, but now keep it



  • Suzanne Bergmann
    Professional Reflector

    Suzanne Bergmann

    Posted on Mar 19, 2017

    Hi Kostia Zzz! If this were my dream, medicine would reflect my desire to heal my grandfather and heal my wise aspect of self, or a similar aspect of self I may associate with my grandfather. Refusing the money for now would relate to a give and take relationship and allowing myself to only take back when I am ready. I would ask myself, "How is my dream reflecting a type of relationship that does not focus on 'tit for tat'?" and "How does my dream reflect my relationship with my grandfather or a change in terms of a relationship with an aspect of self?"