12 Aug

Moth Murderer

Moth Murderer

I was in the dining area of my house with the door wide open during a sunny day when all these large beautiful moths flew inside and began to flutter around. They were white with gold and black markings and unlike any species I've ever seen before. They kept landing on me and swirling around my head while I was completely entranced. The whole thing made me really happy.

Then, one of my friends from school appeared out of thin air. The moths had landed on the carpet at this stage and were unaware of her presence. Before I could stop her she stomped on them all, stamping them to death. As soon as she was done, a portal appeared and she slid into it, closing it behind her while I cried over the moth's dead bodies. I remember being so angry at her and upset and I kept picking them up and holding their bodies in my hands in the hope they'd come back to life.

Not sure what to make of this dream. Any ideas?


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