14 Sep

More waiting

More waiting

This time I found myself in the supermarket, waiting in line. All my intended purchases were on the conveyor belt. Ahead of me an elderly lady was paying for her shopping. It took ages.

There was much discussion, conversation, production of vouchers and a slow packing of her shopping into bags. She then asked if she could phone for a taxi and the assistant took her away to help her find a phone.

I remained by the conveyor belt feeling helpless rage. Meanwhile, people on other tills who had joined queues after me, were leaving the store.

Eventually the assistant came back to his till. He was just about to deal with my shopping when an announcement came over the tannoy: "emergency, please evacuate the store".

With that there was panic as everyone ran to the doors.

(Another quite boring dream, what can all this 'waiting' signify I wonder?


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