8 Aug

Melting Hot Wheels Track

Melting Hot Wheels Track

Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

Reading time: 47 sec. Readability score: 80.

In my dream, there is a backstory related to a new 3D printer we have, which is presently being used to make some Hot Wheels tracks and other toys for our youngest son. My dream’s setting is a slight variation of our current home.

It seems to work well at first. The track emerges like paper from a printer does. A length of a race track is on the bed, as long as the bed (oriented from foot to head), with the 3D printer near the foot of our bed.

Soon, I notice the bottom of the track is messily melting into the blanket and bed sheet. It is like glue. It is also stuck on clothes and other items. I become very annoyed and start to remove it, thinking that the material is too fresh and has not cooled enough yet. Perhaps it is all defective.

As a boy, I had both a lot of Hot Wheels track as well as Matchbox track with accessories for both. They had a slightly different design and color (yellow in contrast to orange), but I still jammed them all together sometimes for a setup in the large Cubitis living room.


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