12 Mar



my dream was me in a room and there were lots of textbooks and some guy kept asking me maths questions and i answered and it went on and on till i woke up.


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  • Bobbie Ann Pimm
    Professional Reflector

    Bobbie Ann Pimm

    Posted on Mar 14, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your dream , Kelly. If this were my dream, I would ask myself, "How do I feel I have a 'problem' that needs to be solved in waking? What isn't 'adding up'? What do I need to 'subtract' from my life? How many 'times' do I need to do something before I learn from it? How am I feeling 'divided' (can't make a decision) about something?" I would look to other dreams of the night for a solution to a waking life problem.