13 Mar

Maggots field

Maggots field

i saw my self in a compound and was sitting in a circle of my relatives, then when i was crossing the open space in the circle i fell and when i stood i had maggots stuck on my clothes, i tried to wipe them off my clothes, and my relatives kept cheering me on....you can do it koi, cross over, the maggots were covered in the grass....(I do not like crawling things one bit) for them to be on my body just gives me shivers)


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  • Suzanne Bergmann
    Professional Reflector

    Suzanne Bergmann

    Posted on Mar 14, 2017

    Hi koi koi! If this were my dream, "crossing the open space" in this circle of relatives would relate to entering my core self or going deeper into something. These maggots would remind me of something festering that has been left for too long that needs my attention. I would also associate the maggots with fears that hold me back or paralyze me. I regard the cheers and encouragement I receive from my relatives to be a positive aspect of the dream. I would ask myself, "What transitions am I making in my waking life right now?" and "How can I overcome my fears and move forward?"

    • Leogirl


      Posted on Mar 15, 2017

      Thank you Suzanne, i will reflect further, thank you so much. I really dont like the feel of maggots on me. i appreciate your feedback, at least its not all bad.