13 Nov

Lost luggage after trip abroad

Lost luggage after trip abroad

To start with, I am not in school, I finished school 7 years ago. I dreamed I was travelling by plane with the majority of my school's pupils on a return flight abroad, and when we arrived back our luggage was scattered all over this foreign school's mountain pass (the plane landed at this wrong school instead of an airport?) My luggage was missing, all of it. I had a backpack, large travel suitcase, and a shoulder bag with all my personal belongings from clothes, photos and artwork to my phone, money etc, basically all my most important, valuable and irreplaceable possessions and I searched the whole school's property, the plane, for hours and could not find it. Worst of all I had no idea where I was, and my biggest worry was not being able to make contact with friends and family to let them know that I was okay, it was the first time in a long time I had been without my phone most importantly.

I bumped into someone I knew from school, a friend (we no longer have contact for many years) and she welcomed me to her home with her mum, she luckily didn't stay too far from this school we found our way to her home. She brought out two bottles of wine, one white, the other red. She asked me which I would like and I chose the red, I don't generally drink alcohol these days since I have a kid of my own, furthermore I stayed the night trying to remember the recent numbers of close family and friends to be able to give a call to at least one of them to spread the word to everyone else that I am okay, nothing came to mind. I really missed everyone especially my daughter and I couldn't even look at photos as I waitied. I had never been apart from my kid so this was very huge and emotional for me, I returned to the school the following day, my luggage wasn't there, and there was a mix up that somehow it ended up in Dubai.

All I could do was wait, in the meantime I finally remembered the new number of my fiance and gave him a call, and he was able to spread the word to friends and family. It felt like my life literally and figuratively came back together after getting in touch with him thanks to this long lost friend, not being able to make contact for such an important event was the worst feeling ever.


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