12 Mar



Morning of March 11, 2018. Sunday.

Since childhood, in the last part of many of my dreams, the lowering of water (typified as water lowering waking symbolism) has remained a common autosymbolic consciousness reascension factor. Water symbolizes the absence of emotion and the essence of sleep and unconsciousness, and its lowering is autosymbolism for the return to waking life, rising out of the distorted, ambiguous, and abstract haze of sleep.

In this dream, I had been aware that our house had been flooded, but there is no logic in my focus on an impossible backstory. It is as if some sort of layering event had been a key factor. There are many random items in the room. The setting is not that much like our present home, but I accept it as such.

Somehow, there are items present now that were not present before as a result of the water having mostly gone. This has something to do with some sort of abstract idea of the floor having layers, where items can be hidden “underneath”, and yet while otherwise being a normal floor. The concept cannot be resolved in conscious afterthought.

I find a couple toys that had not been known of before. It is not known who they had belonged to. I find a Ken doll and show it to Zsuzsanna and our youngest son. After a short time, I realize it has no arms, which puzzles me. It is also only about half the size of a Ken doll even though it seemed the correct size moments previously and also seemed to originally have arms.

There have been many dreams that are too abstract or surreal to describe in a way that makes sense. In this case, the layering aspect likely relates to levels of awareness in unconsciousness, as dreams are more about the dream state itself than waking life. There was no dominant RAS mechanism in this case. The armless doll is probably an attempt by the emergent consciousness factor to make me aware that my dream self has no actual physical body, as a doll is usually autosymbolism for the inactive state of the physical body in sleep. As such, it is one of countless dreams where I “find the truth“ of the nature of dream symbolism in my discovery of The Sleeper or that which symbolizes my physically inactive status and the need for consciousness reascension (waking), though this form of autosymbolism is not as common as the factor of vestibular system ambiguity that is a biological result of being in REM sleep. (The “no arms” on the doll autosymbolism is similar to losing teeth dreams, which also usually have no waking life meaning. Both represent the subliminal realization that the dream self cannot use its illusory body and needs to achieve consciousness.)


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