15 Mar

Kissing a good friend.

Kissing a good friend.

I meet up with my "friend" Jordan ( A person I know in waking life) and we began to talk.
"Hey Jordan, I have something to tell you" I spoke
"Okay, what is it?" He responds
I take a step forward, grab his face, and I kiss him right then and there. I felt all this lovely and positive energy pour into my "body". It was odd, because he did not pull away, he stayed to engage with it. Both of our eye where closed. I could feel his body pressed up against mine.
"What is this?" I ask myself a voice replies from the back of my mind
"Its your unconscious desires"
The kiss ended and we pulled away from one another. When this happened I felt a sense of sadness wash over my mind. I never wanted this to end. EOD


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Mar 16, 2017

    HI Ecca Eccalyptus. If this were my dream, it's a classic rendition of the "sacred union". I come together with my male counterpart and we connect, deeply. This is my dreaming ego relating with my masculine self in a powerful and fulfilling way. In dream theory (Jungian) we talk about the joining of opposites as a striving of the ego with larger and deeper energies in the psyche and this seems to be a version of that to me. I would also ask - do I know anyone named Jordan - and, what is the name meaning of "Jordan" (I would do a google search to find that out) and does that help me deepen my understanding of what's occurring here?

      • remired


        Posted on Mar 18, 2017

        This may simply be a wish fulfillment dream, you are attracted to Jordan, but you were never consciously aware of the attraction.