16 Jul

I killed Some Random Girl

I killed Some Random Girl

I usually don't have dreams like this. I had a dream that I killed some random girl by stabbing her in the heart and right at the moment she died. I woke up and I don't know more about my dream or what it could mean.


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jul 16, 2017

    Hi Casper! If this were my dream I would associate killing the girl with a desire to get rid of a negative aspect of myself or put an end to a negative situation. I would think about the ways I may feel angry, hostile or aggressive. Alternately, I would imagine killing the girl may reflect feeling rejection towards my own feminine side: sensitive, creative, communicative and/or receptive. I would ask myself, "How may 'stabbing her heart' be addressing an emotional wound, and my dream is offering me the opportunity to transform the pain (heal)?"