12 Sep

Journey to Another Galaxy

Journey to Another Galaxy

Morning of September 12, 2018. Wednesday.

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My transient dream self created and controlled my dream from its beginning up until its last scene, something that I have experienced and documented thousands of times since childhood, yet I was never viably lucid or even liminally aware that I was dreaming. (I have also been a natural lucid dreamer since earliest memory, though non-lucidly creating and controlling dreams as often as lucidly.)

My dream originates with my usual subliminal focus on vestibular system correlation, something I was fully aware of since I was three years old, and by far the most misunderstood factor of the dream state by the masses to the point where unaware people feel the need to “interpret” something that is inherently biological. Police officers use vestibular system correlation (which suffers when not fully conscious, for example, drunk) for sobriety tests. Once again, I will explain that it stems from the fact that the illusory dream body is not the physical body. The dream self only subliminally discerns the physical body, and usually incorrectly (the basis for flying and falling dreams).

How do I know? Because for over fifty years, I have had both a flying and falling dream at specific times during every sleep cycle. It is physiological and is usually unrelated to one’s conscious self status, as are many factors of the dreaming and waking process.

In this case, I am back on Loomis Street, though atypically on the second floor. The backstory of utilizing a staircase to increase dream state awareness is not present as I am not lucid, though that is what happened as a subliminal precursor. I remain non-lucid, yet in total control of how my dream progresses. The vestibular system correlation changes from the staircase factor to me mentally creating a spaceship from the front area of the second floor above the porch (liminal space autosymbolism).

The preconscious avatar is present (as is usually the case in my last dream of a sleep cycle) but not yet intrusive. Other fictitious characters are also present.

I cause my flying saucer, made of wood from the house, to rise in the air and enter outer space. One unknown male is slightly wary. I decide to go to Mars and spend time viewing the landscapes. I have an unusual sense of something I cannot quite describe. It is not lucidity, but the essence of understanding that I create everything around me. (A lifetime of experiences like this have caused me to dismiss what people claim about the “subconscious.”) The vestibular system correlation kicks in with more definition very smoothly. The illusory feeling of movement and expansion is otherwise realistic as I travel through outer space.

“I am going to the third galaxy,” I tell the others.

I say how every solar system has at least one planet like Earth, many with inhabitants that are like humans on Earth. (It is my dream self’s imagination of course as I do not believe this in waking life.)

I create a planet upon which to land. There are many unusual structures. The “aliens” look like people. They say “arrow” instead of “hello.” I make a mental effort to try to prevent them from speaking English (again, dream control without lucidity), but sometimes short phrases come through. That causes one male passenger to think we might still be on Earth.

I see some writing on a computer screen in spiral form. I also see cross hairs. I read “TTYL” (which means “talk to you later”). I realize that I should try to make the writing “alien” for credibility. I focus, and the writing contains specific patterns from the Netflix “Travelers” series, with no more English letters. (Note that since childhood, I have created text in dreams to augment my dream state awareness, though as I am not even semi-lucid, this is not the goal here.)

Eventually, my dream shifts to the waking process (ultradian rhythm, and no, one does not “interpret” ultradian rhythm), where I am still not lucid, yet I summon Zsuzsanna into an unfamiliar bedroom. (The augmented summoning factor has always been an aspect of my dreams, even as a toddler, from non-lucidity to apex lucidity and dream state omnipresence. It validates that there is little difference between non-lucid dream control and lucid dream control and easily dismisses the notion of the existence of the “subconscious” by popular definition.) My awareness of tangibility becomes exponential. Warmth and the sense of touch and smell are greatly enhanced. I sit on the bed, and Zsuzsanna sits on me, facing me. The preconscious avatar and the passengers of the spacecraft on this supposedly distant planet watch us through a window (as is typical, as a window is autosymbolism for the division between the dream space and the waking space) but I am not concerned. (The preconscious avatar is a result of personification of the reticular formation and its biological function. It is unrelated to myths about the “subconscious.” It often activates via real-life environmental noise as well as ultradian rhythm, and increasing awareness of where the physical body is.)


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