7 Jan



These are two separate dreams that I had on two separate nights, but I am going to list them in the same entry, because they do have the same theme.

The first one I somehow ended up in jail. I don't remember how. It looked a lot like my grade school. Most of the dream seemed to take place in the cafeteria that I remember. The lady that made the food had a small room with an open window way up high near the ceiling of the cafeteria, which just seemed like an auditorium. People would shout their orders to her, but she never heard mine. She never seemed to try to, either. I never got any food I liked and was hungry a lot.

I had a hard time following the rules, because I didn't know and understand them. I kept taking extra smoke breaks when I wasn't supposed to, for example. (I haven't smoked in something like 9 yrs, but I still smoke in all of my dreams. I don't know why)

In the other dream, I was living at home, but during the day a case worker would come to get me in the morning to take me to this place that was like a mental hospital, or jail. I did get to come back home at night, but my freedom was limited.

At first, it seemed I lived in a house I used to live in several years ago, but then toward the end of the dream I seemed to be living in my parent's house again. I was trying to find clothes to fit and that worked for the occasion and weather. I had to pack a bag of stuff to take with me everyday to that place of snacks and whatever else I would need. I was always late because I couldn't find the right clothes and stuff to put in there.

Both of the dreams seemed to feel really confining and about unreal expectations. Like I was being held to an expectation that I was unable to fulfill from the environment in which I was in.


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