18 May

Island Monsters

Island Monsters

About two months ago I had this dream, but now every week I get it. It starts off with my friends Shelby, Mackenzie and I. We were at the my high school, sitting out by our lockers no one was in the hall of even around. Suddenly a tall man dressed in all black showed up and knocked us out. When I woke up I was in a scientific laboratory I looked around to see a guy that I have never seen before standing there looking at me. I asked him were my friends were, and he told me they were dead. He then walked over to me and gave me a shot. Later on I wake up again and I am on this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Well wondering around I found this society of teens that have also been taken there and were now living off of the island. I also met a guy named Jaden there and we became close friends. He told me about all about these monsters that have glowing blue eyes and come out at night to kill. The monsters were called Yoki, they can shape shift and control people with there minds. One night I were attacked by the Yoki but Jaden jumped in and saved me. The last thing I saw before I woke up was him being taken by the Yoki.



  • Angel Morgan
    Professional Reflector

    Angel Morgan

    Posted on May 19, 2017

    Hi Vanna Cole! If this were my dream, death in dreams is often a metaphor for change and transformation. I would think about everyone and everything in this dream as a part of me that my dream mind is creating to help me imaginatively work through all the changes in my life as a teenager. I would think about how I feel like I'm on an island sometimes, the teens being all parts of me. I would see Jaden as a masculine part of me I am getting to know (my Animus). I would look at the Yoki as parts of myself, and also social tensions that surround me in high school. I would ask myself, "How have manipulative, controlling people been changing parts of who I am (teens) in high school?" and "How am I sometimes controlling or manipulative?" I would ask myself, "How can this dream help me figure out which aspects of my life feel negative and need to transform, and which aspects of my life need to be protected?" (saved).