3 Dec

Intimate sex

Intimate sex

I was in a private room waiting for my favorite Victoria’s Secret model to finish doing a show. She came to me wearing a floral print kimono over her lingerie. I was on a bed on my back, and she got on top of me. We started to make out and get undressed. I remember during the kissing her hair kept getting in the way and would sometimes get in between our mouths. We switched positions to were she was laying beside me on her back while I rested my head on her bare chest. She told me that she couldn’t wait till we saw each other again and talked about how we’d be a couple. The feeling was very intimate and emotional. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, only her kimono was on the bed beside me. I remember being sad because it was somehow implied I would never see her again and she left it for me as something to never forget her by. But at the same time I was so excited that we had sex that I had to tell my friend all about it. I carried the kimono around with me as proof, and also as a sad momento her.


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  • Oscar Chip

    Oscar Chip

    Posted on Dec 8, 2018

    Hi jinkies i am not expert about relationships but may be next time you should keep your private moments as a secret, otherwise forget intimacy.

    • martindeloise


      Posted on Dec 18, 2018

      i agree to about keeping it very private. no kissing and telling. no one wants a telltale or big mouth mate.