10 Jul

Breaking into someones house to use the bathroom

Breaking into someones house to use the bathroom

I was walking throgh a neighborhood and I was going somewhere where there was no bathroom. I looked around and there were no public bathrooms around, and I really really had to pee. I knew I was going to be away from home for quite some time. Suddenly I passed a house with an open door. Right behind the door, I saw an open bathroom door with a fresh shiny bathroom. The temptation was overwhelming and I just couldn't resist going.

When I came out, I couldn't find the exit door. I accidentaly walked in to a room and knocked down a bunch of stuff, so I had to clean it up before I walked out again. Then I tried to find the exit again, but after a while I gave up and decided to ask a woman doing the dishes;
-Excuse me mam', but where's the exit? I asked. She pointed in the right direction.
-Over there.
-Thank you so much.
After I walked out, she immidietly locked the door. I felt strangely hurt and thought "doesn't she trust me?". On the way there I thought "stupid, why didn't you just pee over there!? every time I passed a large rock or bush".

When I finally arrived I met my male friend who was thin and dressed in black. I told him my shameful story te ease my guilt and he said he also needed to go. He followed me back to the same house again and the door was open. He walked in and went to the bathroom, and then walked right out again. Then we took a walk and talked for a while.

The next time we walked passed the house, the police was there and handcuffed the woman. I asked them what was going on and they said there was something about her bathroom.
-Actually, it was my fault, I said. I really had to pee and the door was open, so I just went. I'm so sorry.
-But how do you explain this!? A child said and pointed at a box with some books in it. They are in the right order! They weren't in the right order before!
-Oh, after I went I couldn't find the way out, so I knocked down a bunch of things and felt like I had to clean it up. Sorry. I'm really sorry.
-You're a monster!

Then the police arrived and put handcuffs on me and my friend.
-I'm really, really sorry I made you feel unsafe today, I told the woman and she finally softened and said;

On the way to jail, we had to go to the street and hitchhike a police car. While waiting, my family arrived. My mom looked upset and I screamed at her to leave me alone while I go to jail and I couldn't deal with her crap right now. My dad followed me to the cell and we started talking about how I had to put this in my resumé. He told me I only had to have it there as long as I was paying the fee on 2000 Swedish crowns, so I decided to pay it all instantly. My dad said that it's not so easy and it's actually about 5500 Swedish crowns if you count the interest rate. I said I didn't care and I just wanted a chance to get a job and that I'd pay with my savings. Then my dad made a sound I associated with pain and when I told him to stop he didn't and I screamed until I woke up.


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