5 Nov

imprisonment torture

imprisonment torture

I was imprisoned and punished in a room. I was scared looking out the door that was locked watching people outside my room. I was naked. I went to the bathtub in the middle of the room. Turning the knob that extended out, I saw it was a camera. It freaked me out but I still continued. I put the knob in between my legs and grabbed something plastic to put around my body. The plastic thing held me up. There were sex toys in my mouth and the front. Equaling three of them and one on my clit vibrating. I screamed. It happened for awhile.

Two people walked in a woman and a guy leaving the door open. I took the plastic off and everything else disappeared. The woman made me lay down on my back with my hips on the side on the tub. She came down and licked my pussy for awhile. The guy watched and said “you never gotten it by a girl before?” he stared down at me. I was scrunching my face together when she started. It felt weird. “You can try getting out of her, but I know you can’t” the guy said. I did a backwards somersault and went to the door. Getting out of the door but my arm was locked in the guy's arm. “I knew you couldn’t, this doesn’t count” he said this because he had me. I struggled out of his grip and ran out of the building. I stole a shirt and put it on covering my butt. I went into a close restaurant that was dark it was still open. I went behind the cashier desk and stole some fives and ones. Making sure the guy behind me didn’t see me stealing. I looked back a couple times. I wrapped the money with a rubber band and walked out. I went to the school going into one of the rooms with one of the teachers sitting there. I said I was someone else waiting for something. The man handed me a rock and I left. Looking through other classrooms trying not to be seen, there were teachers at their desks. I walked looking at the appeared phone and enlarged colorful rock. Having the money stuck under my arm. I said to myself “the guy was cute” referring to the guy at the imprisonment. So, I walked back watching my steps to the imprisonment. I got back to my room set the three things at the edge of the tub. I hear “find the girl”, “she’s here, close”. I could tell that there was a tracker when I heard that, it was in my stomach. I touched the handle and it turned blue, I put the plastic back on me and waited for him. He came back and I knew he was going to punish me himself.


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