25 Nov

I'm the murderer!! :D

I'm the murderer!! :D

I was a maid in a big hotel. I don't know where exactly, but it must've been some old british hotel.
I was decorating a christmas tree in the second floor corridor, who was now empty, because it was early in the morning, around one o clock. I was putting the golden star on the peak of the tree, and I was stretching as far as I could to get there. Then, I felt two hands covering my chest. I turned around brusquely and saw Donald Trump. At least I thought he was. He was grinning and staring at me lewdly. I grabbed the electric lights from the tree and strangled him with it. I pushed his back forward and I was riding him like a wild bull. He finally gave up and died. I kicked him a few more times, to make sure he really was dead, and then I ran down the stairs to the main hall, where a few detectives were waiting. They were Mr Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team.
They approached me and said I was their new recruit. They went up the stairs and found Trump's dead body on the floor.
They started to write down everything they saw. I wasn't worried at all, for some reason. I was just helping them.
They broke into his hotel room and started to look around.
I went towards the bedroom and took away the covers. A guy that looked a lot like Shaheer Sheikh (who has nothing to do with NCIS) was my assistant and helped me take off the covers. Then, on the mattress, we found two spots of.. stuff...
I tried to look around more, and then my assistant smiled and said:
"Donald must've been very busy at night."
I looked at him and he playfully nudged me.
Then, Gibbs found an open condom thingy.
"He must have." added Gibbs. "I'll give this to Gabby later."
Then, we left the hotel and went to the police office. He gave the condom thingy to Gabby and I went outside. It was night. Then, my assistant came to ma and asked what was going on. I told him that I was the murderer... But then I woke up... T.T


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  • Suzanne Bergmann
    Professional Reflector

    Suzanne Bergmann

    Posted on Nov 26, 2016

    Hi Sushila Gurvich! If this were my dream, I would consider my thoughts, opinion and feelings about Donald Trump and how he relates to an aspect of self or society I am fighting against. Joining the NCIS team would reflect my desire for introspection and self-discovery. I would find my honesty and confession to be a positive, truthful part of the dream. I would ask myself, "how do I feel violated in my waking life and what has been my reaction?" and "how does my dream allow me to explore other solutions to my issues?"

      • Luke Jones

        Luke Jones

        Posted on Dec 11, 2016

        I would say that your old hotel and christmas tree very much seem related to tradition and your loneliness in this setting suggests a feeling of loneliness in the comfort you find here. A feeling of Trump tearing you away from this is thinly veiled and your killing of him seems like a willingness to destroy this change, or merely a fear of change. "I am the murderer" seems like a demonisation of yourself in terms that you yourself may enjoy tradition/routine and find safety there. I would move less against conscious violation as such and instead try to look at ways in which you resist change because what we often forget is that you weren't just the maid in your dream you were also...trump! In terms of the NCSI team they again point to a security in repition, the same repetition we find in TV shows, and it isn't coincidence that your unconscious mind felt it needed to reduce the fear/pain of the incident with presence of your favorite tv gang! but then once you perhaps felt comfortable again your mind seemed to want to take you slowly back again to the idea of the pain of change, this time not through direct experience of violent change but instead via the subtle evidence of change. I would perhaps look again that when you say I am the murderer you do not mean that you were the maid that murdered trump but were the trump that murdered the security you find in routine and tradition. Hope this helps :)

        • Elra


          Posted on Jan 23, 2017

          Sounds like you had fun in the dream. I would assume this dream means that you felt good beating up a lewd scumbag. I just had a good punch dream myself (punching lewd men feels good). :) I would simply take the dream as nothing more than a dream for fun. :) And it's great your so confident about yourself, for through the dream you seem weary confident. :)