8 Jan

I'm stumped.

I'm stumped.

what does my dream mean when I come out of my room in the morning to let my dog out to go potty and go downstairs to feed my cat and see my dad (who's been dead for almost 15 yrs) sleeping on my couch white t-shirt dark blue jeans and when he wakes up he tries talking to me but I cant hear him. It seemed like the more I tried listening to what he was saying the harder it was to hear him.

Now I've had dreams about my dad before and I know they were visitations from him cause he would ask me just everyday things like how my day was what has my mom been up too how are my sisters those sort of things it's been happening sense I was 7 years old that was how old I was when he died. Anyway occasionally he will come and warn me of something bad that'll happen or is happening to the people I care about and I tell my mom or her brother, my uncle and we try to stop it. But this I don't understand what it could mean.


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  • Gail


    Posted on Jan 9, 2019

    Do you feel like there's something you didn't do for your dad? Maybe you feel he's not listening to you or perhaps the opposite. I know in my dreams if I start trying to hear someone with my ears it causes me to become more conscious and that dream like state fades away. It may be that because he normally warns you that you kind of panicked and tried harder to hear him than normal to get his message. I don't know but I figure talking it out may help you figure it out.