16 Jul

I'm fake

I'm fake

I was in a dark room and wanted to get outside. Every time I left a room, I just came out in another room and there were bodies pulling me back with their hands, trying to keep me from escaping. Sometimes I would end up in a hallway, and a doll boy would follow me around and say things. I would just run into another room again. Again I ended up in the hallway and I saw light peeking from a big door. The boy was back and I tried running again. I started to run slower and slower, the boy catches up and tells me I'm fake. He got too close and I woke up.


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jul 17, 2017

    Hi Aconite! If this were my dream I would think about the ways I may fear confronting a negative situation or intimidating person, or may feel unwilling to face a negative aspect of myself or my life. I would note the irony of a doll calling a human "a fake;" and I would imagine this may be addressing feeling I have been untrue to myself in some way, or it may reflect disingenuous behavior or pretentiousness. I would ask myself, "How do I feel being untrue to myself may be 'holding me back' from moving forward in my life (pulling me back/keep me from escaping), and my dream is offering me the opportunity to follow a more authentic way of life?"

    • DerekB


      Posted on Jul 20, 2017

      To me, this would represent some dark, unpleasant, scary experience that I am trying to escape from. Due to this happening "indoors" it seems to represent some internal psychological drama. Something happening within yourself. Specifically, this seems to be related to not being authentic, not being "yourself", but instead feeling like your fake. Instead of confronting this experience, you may be running away from it. You finally have a glimpse of light, an opportunity to escape this horror, but then the feeling of fakeness catches up to you, and prevents your escape. It slows you down. If this was my dream, the major takeaway would be that I should confront this experience it, deal with it head on, and have an honest introspective dialogue with myself, rather than trying to run away from it, and "escape."