18 Dec



So..one part of the dream im wearing a black wig and i put on a black n white striped body suit(nylon) and i plan on going to work that way(i wear scrubs to work..lol) and then im.looking for something to wear over top of what i was (barely) wearing and all i could find were really really huge band tee shirts..i saw one was slipknot(not even a fan) and they were all sized 5x....then i go outside and see my old cockatoo perched on my next door neighbors tree and shes dying...(still alive)..i go back in lookin for my scrubs n i tell my mom n bro Buddy is dying outside...and my bro goes out to see her and i asked if shes ok and my brother shakes his head and picks her up off the ground and she was gone and i start screaming...then cues to another part of dream..im looking for all the cats in the house(5) and i open up the back bedroom door n they had all gotten in to.there..all except my female cat who ..in reality,isnt doing so well(she is 23) ..i get them.all.out and then i order pizza for delivery...lol ..

And when i woke.up i opened my bedroom door and here comes my 23 year old cat walking in...(she has not been up the steps in years...or up.here...)

Now that I think about it 2 years ago exactly on this date, December 18th 2016 right before my 30th birthday I found our green parrot buddy dead on the bottom of his cage we had him for about 25 years 26 years it is very strange that my brain so consciously remember these dates when I don't


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