12 Mar

I was Malaysian

I was Malaysian

In this dream, I was a Malaysian or Thai girl, a young girl, probably around the age of 7-9. I was in a taxi, in the front seat. The one who sat next to me was my dad, a snobby taxi driver. He was old , had a beard, looked weary and tired. He was driving through these streets , these really old but sort of modernised streets. The interior of the car was old and the seats were old . However, this wasn't Malaysia, we were probably immigrants of this country. I pulled down the mirror above my head and I looked into it. It was blurry at first, but then I saw a girl's face, she was skinny, bony , even. Her skin was dark, she had short hair, a pixie cut, almost looking like a guy. She looked sad , an awkward sense of loneliness. Then dad dropped me off outside a luxurious mall. It was cold, but anyways, he told me to wait for him as he's gonna park his car. It look him a long time, so I went inside the mall and I waited for him , I walked around and I thought "wowww" , as if I've never seen such luxuriousness before. As I arrived at the floor of the tuition centres , I thought , "It would be nice if we could afford to send me to something like this " . After spending some time in the mall, I went out and I waited for my dad again. I sat on the curb of the road, I waited and waited , waited and waited , but he never came. Eventually , I felt tired and I started to drift off to sleep , then everything just blacked out.


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    Posted on Mar 12, 2018

    This dream is showing you more of a structured environment, with a car, roads, and mall. For jobs, buying and selling, what you can have if you want it. Our minds will always take us back to a more simple time, like to our first crush in school, to our parents, and other places that had some meaning to us. Sometimes in the more simple dreams, those desires and those feeling come back, to remind us of them and what we cared about.