7 Oct

I Had sex with a famous rapper

I Had sex with a famous rapper

In my dream .. I Had sex with 3 men in a day somehow the 2 men were famous rappers
But it didn’t have a physical sex just situations or happening
First man was old .he had to pay me after having sex but he didn’t. Ran away something, I met second man he is a rapper in real world. Anyway I had sex with him at his home maybe meanwhile I felt so regretful that I had sex with old man before finally I met third man he is also a rapper . I didn’t have a sex with him but we tried to find a hotel . I was so confused myself that why am I doing this ? Why I have had a sex with these men ? What’s wrong with me ..talk to my self . In addition I wanted to be a last rapper’s girlfriend Actually I met this rapper in reality and took a picture together and talked little bit .when I met him in my dream was comfortable to compare other men .. The picture is kind of evidence that he and me . Few months a go


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  • Pando


    Posted on Oct 9, 2018

    HI Gaia, Thanks for sharing your very unique dream.. Woao.. what can I say.. Looking forward to read your next dreams.