11 Aug

I brought in a bunch of snakes into my house!!

I brought in a bunch of snakes into my house!!

This morning I woke up about 5:15 and lay back down for about 30 minutes I had the weirdest dream I was in a house assuming it was my house to be and I saw a bunch of snakes sitting outside for some reason I open the patio door and let them in my house and put them underneath my ottoman. A few of slithered around and I kept trying to put them back where they need to be a yellow one in specific try to bite my daughter it bit her a little bit then I grabbed a bat and hit his head and killed it. I got so angry with what happened to my daughter I lift the ottoman up and proceeded to kill all of them and put them in the bag a few of them tried to get away but I ended up getting rid of most of them then all of the sudden I woke up. There was so many different colored snakes I remember a black one trying to get away and a green one slithering around they were many different shapes and sizes as well. What does all that mean?


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  • Mnycdrbx


    Posted on Aug 11, 2017

    You will be confronted and harass by the lies that were told about you in your past. You will try to keep those lies hidden from your family but it will find a way to come out in the light. One particular lie about you, probably has to do with how you were coward, afraid of things or very prideful will cause harm to your daughter and out of fear and anger, you crush that lie away from her. Little by little you will remove all those lies away but some will escape from your life and family.