12 Aug

House Party

House Party

its in the future me and my wife are super super rich, we celebrating her aviation success, 1000+ guests at our mansion, i fuck her boss in the bush doggystle


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  • Ricki Hawe

    Ricki Hawe

    Posted on Aug 12, 2017

    hi there had a real weird dream last nyt, it was so real it felt more like a vision than a dream... i could feel the wind, i could smells things, it was like i'm watching my future self from within myself in my sleep (it was crazy)... so basically what happened is like my wife ( girlfriend i'm currently living with) was having a huge grand celebration at our house, we are both super super rich like our house is a place, like 10 or 20 million rand type thing, so my wife is celebrating something to do with aviation, we have like 1000+ guests coming, its not the actual event, the event is happing later that night so its day time and my wife is just busy with things, there are all types of people doing work catering people, people setting up stages and what what so me i'm just moving around the house ( its a mansion like 102 bedrooms type of thing) meeting people and talking to people i know and stuff then i bump into my first love (I'm African) ... she a white girl with blue eyes and an African body, so we talking and ish, and for some reason im feeling extremely horny so i'm like yoh girl lets fuck (excuse my french) she was like na she not feeling it because i have a wife and what what so i was like yeah, its not like i wanna cheat or anything but there's this huge impulse in my body that makes we wanna sleep with only you ryt now!!! ( so this impulse i can feel in my sleep like i'm super super horny) so i dont know what happens i'm moving around the house again, i bump into my wife couple times over the course of 2 hours shes happy i'm happy, while i'm just floating around the guests and people i bump into my wife’s boss... ( in real life she a close friend of mines, we have wanted each other but could not have each other because of our relationships, we don’t talk or anything i'm super focused on my career) so my wife’s boss is there, wearing an outfit i have seen her in before and the horny sex crazed impulse returns to me again, but now its like raw testosterone, i feel like a black bull on the rampage, (her boss is skinny skinny skinny, the one on the picture of my dream, she has a nice booty and very small boobs) so my boss's wife aint even playing around, she picks up on my energy and is like lets go talk in the garden, next thing you know we in the bushes of the lawn of the mansion, we wrestling, i put her on all fours, get behind her on my knees and enter her, and ravage her pussy... ( in real life now i can still see her ass in the air, panties to the side, moaning my name, when i think about it my impulse start running and my blood gets hot ) i have masturbated but still my veins pump like crazy, i woke up immediately (around 3) and couldn't sleep at all for about 30/40 mins, i tried to have intercourse with my wife but she is not in the mood, i have never cheated on my girl and i dont want to, but this impulse is super strong, i have even texted my wifes boss this morning just to say hi... please help me interpret this dream