8 Oct

Hands Grabbing

Hands Grabbing

I wake up in my bed spooning my girlfriend. I feel hands grabbing me from blurred figures behind my back. I look at my girlfriend and repeatedly call her babe three times, but she doesn’t move. I look around my back towards the floor to see a black hand with a long arm reach for me and quickly turn my head back towards my partner. I’m still spooning her in bed putting my lips against the back of her head and calling her “Babe” repeatedly two times. So many hands are grabbing me that I’m freaking out. My girlfriend gets up and I lie on my back looking at her and begin to cry because the hands are still grabbing at me from all sides now. All the hands are normal color except for that one black hand. My girlfriend just stands at the foot of my bed looking at me and smiles evil. I call for the last time “Babe!” Then, I wake up. Tell me what you all think about my dream. Thank you!


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  • Hannah Seymus

    Hannah Seymus

    Posted on Oct 9, 2018

    Perhaps you feel like you can’t rely on your girlfriend. You were in trouble and she didn’t mind to help you instead she just laughed and watched. The hands, particularly the black hand may stand for your subconcious and your emotions grabbing you (“by the chest/by the throat”), and overwhelming you. How did you feel in the dream? Betrayed? Left alone? Scared? Do you feel like the hands belonged to her? Because then it could also be that you feel intimidated by her, and that you feel like things are getting dominant as if she is taking you over