10 Jul

Guitar Game Room

Guitar Game Room

Morning of September 3, 1988. Saturday.

This dream setup has been fairly common. I am at some sort of video game arcade (very possibly a variation of the one on the corner of Gillette Street west of my sister Marilyn’s house) and yet it also seems to be a music store as well as being where people perform in public or at least practice. Typically, when I play the guitar, there is something very unusual about the strings as they often seem to be too loose. I do manage to play some music but it transforms to an almost “automatic” sound of several guitars at once (sounding excellent regardless of my somewhat absent focus) sometimes decaying into pure noise. This is also a fairly typical event of this dream theme. A few people are playing (or trying to play) an electric guitar while others are playing unusual video games that seem only half-rendered. Pinball games for some reason seem to sometimes have attributes of a miniature or downsized pool table though with marbles.


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