8 Aug

“Grimm” Distortions

“Grimm” Distortions

Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 66.

I enter an annoying abstract sequence of thought similar to enigma space when a non-lucid dream is first forming. Silas Weir Mitchell (as on the “Grimm” television series) becomes my preconscious effigy. However, no rendering of a proper dream commences. Instead, I get “stuck” on precursory cycles. (Silas plays a character named Monroe, which is an association of where I lived as a child; North Monroe Street, but I have always wondered why preconscious dynamics lock onto places I no longer live, while typically blending them in infinite ways with everywhere else.)

Over time, I am aware of a word or words I do not understand, which seem to be German. It sounds like “Stangunghausen.” My mind keeps cycling back to this term and trying to resolve its meaning. I come up with “stage house” a few times. I perceive it as ambiguously relating to the “Grimm” series and something to do with a computer game or perhaps a board game. At times, I also recognize it as a dream metaphor, a stage being autosymbolism for the dream state itself.

This ambiguous and abstract cycle seemed to last at least an hour. I fully woke about three times and kept sliding back into it.


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