10 Jul

Green ogre in a bomb shelter

Green ogre in a bomb shelter

I went out for a walk. I was dressed up as a pirate but I had no shoes on. Heading towards the old bomb shelters near the abandoned Hotel at Lake Boga, I realized there was a white ute there and men were riding motorbikes around in the big shelter.
Knowing that it would not be safe to adventure in an old shelter with frisky men riding motorbikes like lunatics, I decided to adventure the little shelter that was next to the one that they were in.
There was only a young man riding a push bike in this one so I thought it was safe enough.
Once entering, the young man, who looked around 18, rode up to me.
"A pirate!" he said. "With no shoes."
"And no ship," he replied.
He then rode in front of me and went around the corner.

I went up some brick steps and walked across a metal grate bridge that had holes in. The bridge was slippery so I had to be careful to not fall in the holes.
Once I made it to the other side, I turned the corner and the young man jumped out to try and scare me. He didn't succeed but I dont like people who try and scare me, so I pushed him against the wall. He must have had Royal blood, some type of important individual because I was dragged away as soon as I touched him.

I was dragged and then pushed to the ground by some ogre-like creature.
He was pale green with a humongous frame and a pushed in face like a pug.
He pinned me down with crushing strength and began whispering in my ear with a husky voice about how he was going to fuck me till I split in two.
He had brown pants on and I could feel his erected penis through his pants.
He began to force my legs open and I tried to fight him off.
I looked behind the ogre and saw a whole line of males waiting for their turn.
Realizing that fighting off all of these people would be impossible, I decided I might as well enjoy it, but it had to be done my way.
"Wait?" I shouted at the eager ogre. "I want to choose who goes first."
The ogre got up and did up his pants.
"Thats not fair. I only just got it up and now its going to go back down again," the ogre sulked.
"I want all you men to stand in a line," I ordered.
"I said all the men, not all the women as well," I corrected when I saw women, who for some reason wanted to watch, line up as well. All the women were asian.
The women did not listen to me, or could not understand me and they remained standing in the line with the males.
"Now then," I continued. "I want all of this taken off," I waved my hands towards their clothes.
The men began to disagree.
"How am I supposed to choose who to go first if I cannot admire the instrument that you will be playing?" I asked them.
They thought about this for a moment and agreed to take off their clothes.
"Who wants to take off their clothes first?" I asked.
An asian girl with long black hair with a front fringe began to take off her clothes.
"You don't have to do that because you are not male. Unless you have a penis.." But the asian girl did not even falter and had already exposed her little breasts.
She moved down to her pants. As soon as she exposed down south, everyone gasped. Her legs were as hair as a gorillas. She then got embarrassed and ran away.
"Next please," I said.
Ben.T then walked on to the stage, which only now appeared in the dream. Ben looked much older in this dream than waking life. He looked nearly 30 and had really long hair which had some dreadlocks in.
He then began to undress himself, starting with his shirt.
He had blonde hair on this chest and a snail trail of the same color.
As he began to take off his pants, I could tell he was nervous.
Just before he exposed his penis, someone in the audience said "flap" and when the penis was exposed, the same person said "yes".
Ben had a hard on. I laughed a little and thought that perhaps he could go first.


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