7 Aug

Grandma's House and Twins

Grandma's House and Twins

In this dream I was in the process of moving, I think. It seemed that I was I was moving, but then I was in what I called my grandmother's house in different parts of the dream. Maybe I was moving into my grandmother's house? I am not sure? The house was not one that I recognized.

I had to get the house ready for some kind of holiday dinner. There were lots of family coming and they did come. It was darkish a lot in the dream, so I guess I was unable to get the electricity turned on before the gathering, but we did have a nice time, anyway.

I did lose track of my son a few times and it was worrisome, due to how dark that it was.

I wanted to take a shower or something at one point, so I went upstairs to find a bathroom that wasn't being used, but the only one was very run down. It was drafty and the bathtub had vines growing around it. I was a bit sad that my grandmother had lived like this and had been bathing the twins (again with twins!) in that tub.

Someone asked me to take the twins since my grandma couldn't care for them anymore. I said I'd consider it, even though I already have so much else to do.


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  • Jai Brown

    Jai Brown

    Posted on Aug 7, 2018

    I've seen a lot of people mentioning twins as well... I'm curious to know why.