14 May

Gaming Error

Gaming Error

Morning of May 14, 2018. Monday.

In my dream, a rare event with a (fictitious) computer game is rendered. (There is no waking life source for any of the imagery or content and I have not played any sort of computer game in real life for months.) The setting is unknown, though it is implied to be our present home. As my dream self is not my conscious self, my dream self ignores the fictitious environment as not being our real home as is most often the case, and accepts it as our home. Still, there is always the potential for liminal dream control (dream control without lucidity or even recall of what a dream is).

The main goal of the game has something to do with touching objects to the television screen to make parts of the image disappear (a clever play on synaptic gating while in the dream state). The television is larger than our real one. The image is that of what is apparently an unrealistic (cartoon) dragon. There is not much else, that is, no presence of a defined background or setting.

Before RAS mediation kicks in, I play one game level while sitting on a couch a few feet from the large television. I have some sort of patch that was utilized in the code, of which allows the objects needed to materialize automatically in the container on my lap, supposedly without going through other levels or meeting certain challenges of the game. These objects look like dinosaur and dragon limbs and so on, and again, the correct pieces must be touched to the television screen to make the correlating image on the screen disappear (which realistically, is ridiculously easy, though again, their materialization is based upon other challenges when not using the cheat patch). I successfully do this in the first instance of the game.

RAS mediation kicks in, and a form of RAS personification, an unknown young male, is rendered to my right, also sitting on the couch. I talk to him about the patch that makes the game quicker to play and win. However, I forget to press F2 to activate the patch and this results in an error. The objects that materialize in the container on my lap are more random. One of them is some sort of brush with a short handle, somewhat like a miniature stiff paintbrush. I get up and use it on the television screen, but it scratches the screen near the top and does not make any part of the image disappear. I notice a few long diagonal scratches and I am annoyed, as this has ruined part of the screen. I tell the unknown male that I had forgotten to press F2, and that random objects had appeared in the container as a result.

I go off to inform Zsuzsanna of this, and looking back, see that the scratches are only visible at certain angles, but they will probably still cause picture distortion. I look again when coming back into the room and see small equidistant rectangular “windows” in the screen on the upper right, as if parts of the screen had been deliberately cut out. I know that I had not caused this damage and I am puzzled. My brother-in-law Bob (not seen since 1994, when I left America) walks about randomly. I also notice a number of other people but I do not feel imposed upon in this case. My dream fades.

Well, the imagery of the cartoon orange dragon, I just saw at the very top of the newsfeed on Facebook after writing this (as most of my dreams contain imagery, at one point or another, of something I see a short time later in real life - I do not consider this unusual, only something that people cannot explain, though many just deny it due to it being beyond their understanding and apparent experience). Thus, the “no waking life source” I wrote above instead turned out to have the usual prescience, which was a drawing (of a dragon) another dream journalist had posted on Facebook, additionally oriented as in my dream (facing left). I did not use that picture for this entry, as I did not ask them. (It had been posted 14 hours ago at this time, but this is the first time I had seen it.) Instead, I used a similar image as from my dream.

The rest of my dream is typical autosymbolism for the dream state and waking transition. The small seemingly cutout sections of the television screen represent our four clerestory windows in real life, a literal factor of real life integrating into the otherwise fictitious dream setting. A window, as well as a television screen, is an autosymbolic function that serves as a liminal space divider, the barrier between the transient fictitious dream self and the conscious self identity in waking life. (Liminal space dividers are rendered to prevent the development of false memories as the result of the dream state, especially as most dream content comes from the transpersonal levels of the preconscious and interconsciousness, not the unconscious of which is far more accessible in waking life anyway). As a dragon often has wings, this is the usual vestibular system correlation.


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