8 Jan

Foggy night

Foggy night

My family and some friends of mine were going to a party in, what it seemed to be, a hunted house. I arrived with my friends, there was so much fog we couldn’t see where to park the car.
We got down and entered to the house. I saw my dad crying on the foggy stairs. Apparently, he wanted to take the perfect picture and none was cute enough. We all sat with him and he literally made a photo shoot.
After that I realized I was wearing my “sleeping socks” and it looked definitely ridiculous so I took them off.

It was a common thing to play soccer at the party, everyone needed to play! Not to mention, this game was different from the game you know:
Here the field was divided into three. Firstly, there were two main soccer goalkeepers who defended each team. Then, if they scored there was a third goalkeeper, the greatest player! (Me) If the one who scored defeats him it counts as a “goal”. Lastly, the one who won replaces the best goalkeeper. Although I never knew what happened to the people who lost...I never did!
Another thing to add, we could barely see a thing with all the fog. Plus, when we tried to leave the party something creepy happened. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what it was.


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