13 Mar

Fishing and Bookstore pt 3

Fishing and Bookstore pt 3

Yam was at the fishing spot.
I didn't know he was back from the hospital... But I didn't feel comfortable to approach and ask about it and felt bad that I didn't call him when he was away so I didn't interact.


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    Posted on Mar 14, 2018

    Fishing in the water, may suggest that you may be finding things of a spiritual nature, not you directly but things other people have found. The bookstore, may suggest, somewhat like the great library of hidden secrets, and I don't believe it, never have, but some do. Most books sold are not worth buying, most are fakes anyway. The likelihood that you might actually find something would be a very rare treat, but you wouldn't know that it was anyway. The library is based on ancient Egyptian beliefs, and being very wrong they were destroyed by God, but not wiped out, they still live to this day, and have always spoken and written in Egyptian.