10 Jul

Finding a dead body

Finding a dead body

Me and some other people were out in the bush trying to find a dead body. It took us a while to find the actual body, but we found heaps of clues that eventually led to one. Some of the clues included a teddy bear and two little kid scooters;one was metal and the other was made of pink plastic.
I then got a whiff of something dead, scanned the area and saw that there was a pile of branches along with some blue tarp up ahead. The other people though the smell was coming from this pile.

When we got to the pile, there sure was a body and it was really decomposed.
"Yes! I told you it would be here" I said excitedly.

I then noticed I was standing on something hard. I looked down and realized I was standing on a dead fox. I told the others and they all laughed.
The dream then changed its setting. It was in an old farm house and I am sitting at the kitchen table. A group of men were talking whilst standing to my left.
Maggie, from the walking dead, served me some 2 minute noodles.
We all sat in silence for a while eating the noodles.
"These are actually better than I thought, these smoked noodles," I said to a boy, for it was his idea to smoke them while they cooked. Maggie and the boy simply nodded.
At this stage my dreadlocks were really annoying me so I wanted to put them up into a bun, but I didn't want Maggie an the boy to watch me do it, so I paused them. I don't know how I did it, but I paused them while they were eating.
"Hey! what are you doing?" one of the guys to my left said.
"Its okay. I will unpause them when I finish doing my hair.

A few hours later we were in the lounge room and Hershel came in with his crutches.
He said to me that he wanted me to make a run in town for some supplies, and that I will be going with a man in which I cannot remember his name.
I was just about to ask who this person was, for I did not recognize the name, when the person walked into the room, He appeared to be a bit older than me.
"Just be careful, he stinks," Maggie said.
As we were heading outside the boy asked," Is there anything in particular you want to find?"
"A shower," Hershel said, and walked away.
Me and the boy walked outside and climbed onto his motorbike.
As we took off, I screwed up my nose and only held on to him by two fingers so that Maggie and Hershel would think that I could smell him, but I actually didn't think he smelt at all, and so when he were out of sight I held on to him tightly.

We followed multiple train tracks.


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