8 Oct

Fighting At School

Fighting At School

This dream takes place at some kind of school that I don’t know the name of. It all happened it the lunchroom. I was eating my food The I accidentally dropped my apple. Knowing the 3 second rule though, I quickly pick it back then dusted off the apple then I proceeded to eat it.
A student who’s name I never knew from a table across from me took notice of what I did then he let out the biggest sound of “EWWWW” as if he was freaked out. I assured the other student that everything’s alright but I was getting pissed off because he was making a HUGE scene out of it. I was confused and irritated about everything, The student made it seem like I did something wrong.
But a mix of every other student in the lunchroom laughing at me and the main antagonist (The student who caused the scene) making fun of me was just enough to set me off. I ended up rushing to the student and shoved him as hard as I could leaving him to fall back and hit his head on the table he was sitting at. Then I angrily asked him what the hell was his problem. He got back up just to shove me back in response.
Then came the fighting, the student threw one punch and missed. I punched the student a good five times In the face then he fell down out cold. Then another student stood up and I assumed it was his friend. He rushed at me then I knocked him out too. I felt a rush of satisfaction.
What happened next was unexpected. The remaining 16 students stood up, a mixture of boys and girls basically forming a mob. They all rushed at me with malicious intent like I did something wrong, But to me, it was more people to knock out. I was running around spacing everyone out. they put up a good fight though, but I knocked everyone out with ease. I laughed like a mad man full of satisfaction. as I was walking out the door, I looked back into the lunchroom seeing everyone knocked out cold. Then the super smash bros theme song played in the background as I was walking out the school with a grin on my face.

The End.


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