14 Nov

Fiery Murder.

Fiery Murder.

so I dreamed that me and my parents were at my grandmas house, and they were in the grass field, but I was back farther because they had left first. Then I saw a large explosion, and fire spread throughout the field. There was a horse and it's rider, and I saw them fall and basically burn to death.
I was sobbing when the fire died down, my parents walked up and started laughing at me. Not sure how they survived...but ok. Then I ran up to the house where I w
saw a person in the kitchen waiting for me with a knife.
they grabbed me, and drew a smiley face on my hand with the knife. my brother showed up, and he saw what was happening, and ran to get help. I ended up grabbing a huge knife from the knife block and stabbed them repeatedly, like at least 20 times until I thought she was dead. Then I woke up.


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    Posted on Nov 14, 2017

    Knifes, guns, stabbing and shooting are all pretty much blame and ridicule, or even an opinion. Most of the time its yourself in the dream that gets stabbed because of moral conflict, meaning you went against your own opinion, but took action in life to do this. The pain you suffer also depends on how you feel when something is morally wrong, not feeling any pain probably means a justification on your part. Its also the horse and rider, as it brings in a change. In reality we are all taught we are individuals, and in fact it takes a great deal of work to become an individual, a life time. Genetically there are only so many versions of noses, ears and so on, also minds. When we are born with those genetic codes already working, and our personality's develop from it, and not all personality's get along. They see the world differently. The police know this, the FBI as its called profiling. What's more is its used to write books, and movies, and its in everything you watch on T.V. They write to appeal to a high volume of viewers, with different personality's so they get the most viewers they can. Birds of a feather, flock together, meaning that only the personality types that get along will be friends with you, when I tested those around me, I found Most were NT types, with a few others that get along with them. That will help with these kinds of dreams if you look into it.