19 May



I had this dream many years ago but I can still remember it very vividly.

So I used to live in Italy so this dream is based around there anyways I used to live in a apartment with my father and in this dream I was walking down the many stairs (we lived on the 5th floor) and instead of taking the elevator I took the stairs because I was really afraid of elevators and I still am because of an incident that happen when I was young when I was trapped with a man in an elevator.
So I was walking down and it was really dark until I notice a man with no eyes walking behind me and I was frightened and started to run, he started to run after me and when I turned around I saw that from his stomach and down he had like tentacles that looked like plants and he started to chase me but then I tripped and I suddently went blind for a few minutes until I reached the door and walked outside but the there wasn´t the floor, there was water that extended down like an ocean (at that time I was also afraid of water and oceans) but I didn´t think twice and I jumped into the water and started swimming, I swimmed underwater and I saw some kids that looked familiar on the bottom chained.
And that´s where my dream ended.


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  • Angel Morgan
    Professional Reflector

    Angel Morgan

    Posted on May 19, 2017

    Hi Maaders! If this were my dream, I would think I remembered this dream because it comes in the service of my health and wholeness. I would think about what happened when I was 5 years old (5th floor). Water in my dreams is very often a mother symbol, whether feelings about my Mother at the time of the dream, or my own motherhood/fertility. I would ask myself, "How does this dream tell me that I feel ready to bravely face my fears?" and, "In a re-dream or daydream, how could I imagine saving and freeing the children (parts of me) that are chained at the bottom of the ocean, so I could help them grow up safely as I wish them to in my dream world?"