11 Jan

Awkward waiters

Awkward waiters


Like the title says... we were having dinner in a fancy restaurant, I sat next to my little cousin (the way I always do). Suddenly, the waiter came with a lot of underwear instead of food! “Might this be yours madam?” He showed one of my panties (the hot ones) everyone gave me the same look, I could tell they were judging me. Secretly, i began sliding my fingers to check if I was wearing underwear... I didn’t.
It happened with everyone, waiters kept bringing underwear. Until a yellow huge cake arrived, a friend of mine brought it. She in front of me, I don’t have the slightest idea why she was so pissed at me. She insulted me the whole evening! Highlighting “I’m richer than you! I have everything and you are nothing!!!”


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