8 Jan



I am in a family reunion in some house in the countryside. Apparently it's January 1st, after the New Year's celebrations.

We are in the yard, surrounded by bushes. Under a white folding canopy there's a table set with food, especially salads. There's a lettuce and blackberry salad.

After having some food I go inside. My mom and my aunt (my dad's sister) with her husband and her daughter arrive. They say they have just been with my brother and his family. My aunt says she's very dissapointed at him; apparently he didn't treat them very well at his place. I ask specifics but they don't want to tell me, they say it doesn't matter.

My aunt, my uncle and my cousin sit in a couch to rest while they watch TV. I go sit by my cousin side and she puts her arm around me. She and my uncle are very large but in my dream they are massive, like they are an extention of the couch. I am supporting my back in her side and I feel very cozy.

My cousin says each of them have sold one item through a local sales website and they have been paid by buyers but they don't know how to retrieve their money. She asks me to help them and I say I will.

I hear someone calls me. It's my dad who is outside by the kitchen door. There's another folding canopy and I sit my dad is sitting in a chair underneath. Other aunt (wife of my mom's brother) is sitting in front of him in a bamboo couch with her kids. Next to him there's an stereo and he's playing music; I see he has cassettes to play during the afternoon. He also has a guitar. He asks me for his glasses, he says it's in some bag of his, I answer I don't know that bag. He says "no, you probably won't know" and he asks one of my cousins (elder sister, who is in her twenties) "you know my bag, it's in my room" and she runs inside.

My dad is about to play a tune and while I see my large cousin is sitting with her parents in the bamboo couch, I wonder: "Wait, I can't help her if I don't have the passwords". So I ask her about them, but she doesn't understand about passwords. My dad shushes me and we start talking in low voice.

I hear the doorbell. My mom, the first aunt and the large cousin express some regret. "Oh no", they say, "they are here". An unknown family arrives. It's composed by a middle-age woman, her son who is in his thirties, his teenage daughter and a younger son; all very good looking. The four of them doesn't appear to be delighted either, they look like they were forced to be there while they greet us. The teenage girl is about 15; she has dark skin and curly hair. She looks sad and frail. She's dressed like a goth.

Then there's a change in scenery in which I am able to see why are they so uncomfortable.

I see their house: another country house that looks very dark and scenic, like a house from a terror movie. For some reason the girl has killed her grandmother. The family helps to hide the body in a small barn. Curiously, the mom decides that in order to hide the murder, they must have a wedding. She's helping her daughter into a wedding dress. With the dress she appears larger than she really is, much larger. Her legs are covered in blood and a jelly-like substance.

Then the mom goes to the kitchen to cook a dinner. She's preparing a soup, she says it's the one she had for her wedding.

The kitchen door is open and someone enters. It's my cousin, the girl who fetched the glasses for my father. I don't remember what she says, but while everyone is busy preparing for the wedding, she goes into the barn, which is unlocked. She discovered the body.


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