6 Dec



I hid 3 landmines in the oven keeping them safe but forgot they were there. my daughter started to cook her lunch using the oven and the hob. after some time I remembered that the bombs were in the oven, I opened the door and they were smoking.. and her pie was not yet cooked, my daughter and i agreed that if i touched the mines they would automatically explode but there was a possibility they would explode anyway.. do we leave the pie an oven which was filing with white smoke or risk taking out the bombs. I after a minute shut the oven door turned of the cooker and walked away.


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  • 1littleduck


    Posted on Dec 6, 2018

    I think this dream draws attention to an underlying, possibly medical, problem which is not being dealt. recent events which have happened in life have left scars and tackling the problem could have consequences which you are not ready to face. Time may be running out and a decision is paramount.