12 Dec

Explaining my ass 🍑

Explaining my ass 🍑

I was in a huge auditorium, my friend got me a really bad place on the top of a balcony. But I was unable to see the screen.
A person starts telling names and body parts, for example, “Juanita= arms, Pedro=wrist,and so on”
I saw the screen and they were a lot of names with body parts. We needed to make a presentation of WHY EACH BODY PART IS IMPORTANT. Out of the sudden, he said “Baola=ass” and everyone started laughing and making fun of me.
I remember giving my presentation and people laughing, they were disrespectful. I kept defending butts.


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  • Peter Folmer Sørensen

    Peter Folmer Sørensen

    Posted on Dec 12, 2018

    Here at dreamscloud you are a star. One day you will look in the Water and see, that you have become a beautifull swan.

      • Gail


        Posted on Dec 16, 2018

        If we depend on what others think of us for our worth we will never be worth anything. Always follow your heart ❤️