29 Dec

Exotic seafood called "Mars Star"

Exotic seafood called "Mars Star"

i was at a restaurant buffet, it looked like a maze surronded by meat foods of all kinds (steaks, stews, barbecues, roast beefs) i was talking with my aunt (she's a cook in real life, and i don't get along/talk with her) she said "you know, when i started working here, i used to loved it, eating was the best part of the job, it's yummy, but i'm tired of it, i hate the job now" she was wearing a cook uniform, exhausted, dark circles around her eyes, i asked for recomendations, she pointed some meals and said "those used to be my favorites" it sems delicous something like rich people food/french cousine , but i didn't feel interested at all, dream scenario changes, i was in a supermarket, looking at various kinds of seafoods, (i love seafood/exotic foods in real life, i have taste alligator, ostrich, octopus, duck, tapir and want to try those crazy chinese foods like scorpions haha), i felt mesmerazing, podering about seafoods, the refrigerator was old (like 50 years old), huge, wooden floor (a little bit wet), it was almost empty and not working properly also, the seafoods were stored inside closed brown boxes, it's unfreezing, wet, only one seafood was outside the boxes , it's looked very strange/exotic
and beatiful, something like a sea urchin/oyster hybrid, hard shell, purple, lots of big black spikes, some guy said to me "it's called Mars Star" i felt very indecisive, at one side i was thinking:" i need to buy it right now! i will pay any price no matter how expensive! it must be yummy, the refrigerator it's almost empty", at the other side i was thinking: "that's almost unfrozeed, probably rotten, seafoods must be eaten fresh as possible! you can get diarrhea, parasites and even die from it! maybe i'm paranoic?, it's just food, i'm not gonna die, that's ridiculous, worst case scenario i will feel a little bit nauseous is it worth the risk?" i can't choose a decision, dreams end

at the restaurant i was feeling bored, at the market calm, entertained and desiring so fuc*** much the "Mars Star"

the night before that dream, i dreamt with another animal that has shell, sea turtle (sea/water elements also), it's on dreamcloud, "romantic turtle", in some aspect it's a kind of recuring dream..



  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Dec 29, 2016

    Hi Bruno Dante. If this were my dream, it seems it's posing me with a reflective scenario in which I am seeking to make a choice about what nourishes me in the best way. Seafood comes from under the surface of the known world, so I sense that the dream is saying that there are exotic/unknown and unfamiliar elements that are holding my attention and longing here, that are also inviting me to make a choice about what to feed my being with. Since my Aunt appears and she is someone I don't get along with, is it possible that the dream is telling me that an older, feeling side of my self is in need of retiring (or something along these lines)?

      • Bruno Dante

        Bruno Dante

        Posted on Dec 31, 2016

        thanks a lot Travis, your interpretation was the most right ever about how i feel towards life now!