26 Sep

Execution II

Execution II

I was in a compound that looked somewhere between a house, a church, a tower, and a castle, depending on the scene. I was being held in a room where I was questioned by a fat old woman with a creepy smile on my thoughts regarding my imminent execution. I told her, calmly, that I was going to survive no matter what, and then systematically hunt down and kill everyone responsible for putting me in this situation. I leaned in closer and whispered something to the effect of "including/starting with you". I then head butted her to the ground and stomped on her skull. I crept down the corridor to an exit, and heard conversation in another room. Someone received a phone call asking how the execution went. It then became known that I had escaped. I kicked down the door and fled into the night. A flashback then happened of the previous night, where I was chased up a spiraling stairwell by the executioner. I reached the top, some kind of prayer room, and hid in a coffin on a pedestal in the center of the room. The executioner stopped outside the coffin. He could hear my breathing and knew I was there. He looked at the clock and announced how many hours I had left. He voiced his approval that I was offering a last prayer (apparently that's what the coffin is for), then told me to sleep well, patted the coffin, and left the room.

This dream was a weird mix of the most vulnerable, and the most empowered, I've felt. I distinctly remember my determination when I vowed that I would find the judge and jury and get my revenge. Fighting back after years of nightmares never felt so good.


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