19 Apr

Everything is Green

Everything is Green

I had a dream when I was a kid and I never forgot it. Everything, literally everything, was basically the same shade of green. Like a muted lime green. EVERYTHING. The floors, the sky, the random walls and the weird little robot that wheeled around on the floor. Green green green. It's the only dream I ever had that was focused on a single color like that.


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  • Bobbie Ann Pimm
    Professional Reflector

    Bobbie Ann Pimm

    Posted on Apr 20, 2017

    Thanks for sharing your dream, dreamingpotato. If this were my dream, I would think about what the color green represents to me. The phrase 'green with envy' immediately comes to mind. I would ask myself, "Who or what was I jealous or envious of at that time in my life?"

    • entropical fish

      entropical fish

      Posted on Apr 20, 2017

      (changed my name!) Interesting... Never thought of envy. Green usually represents growth or life when I think of it. Maybe, since I was a kid, it was signaling the growth of my life and body. Far out lol