5 Nov

Escaping police repression through abandoned buildings

Escaping police repression through abandoned buildings

I am in the streets of my city, in a decayed neighborhood, with a friend. We are looking forward, apparently, to sell some things we have, because we are carrying bags of knick-knacks. We go into a filthy bar, full of filthy old guys. There's a sort of pirate ship ride and we are encouraged by the attendees to ride. The movement is too fast and we both are about to puke, so we beg them to stop it. I tell my friend I have taken that ride before and last longer, even when it was equally awful.

We leave the bar but things have changed in the streets. It seems like a demonstration took place, it turned violent and the police is repressing people. We smell tear gas and we cover our nose. We hear a voice from a megaphone: they are detaining every person that has a bag with them, because it can be a bomb. We don't want to abandon our stuff so we try to escape. Very quickly, we run and we go into a random abandoned building that looks like a demolition site. We go into the second floor and hide in different rooms. I hide in a wide place, very dark; the sunlight leak from some windows though, creating a chiaroscuro effect. I hide behind a broken kitchen oven. I hear the voice of a guy who is looking for people to turn them into the police. I think he has a gun and I use a sunshaped pillow I am carrying with me as a shield. Finally he decides to leave.

I leave the building along, trying to walk normally so the police doesn't suspect of me. I run into my boyfriend and his family. His uncle from Sydney is there. We go into another building in ruins, but this one is used as a storage or antiques' workshop. There are beautiful things there: old vases, delicate rugs (there is a huge rug made of knitted beads). Some guests of them appear: a woman and his teenage son. We all greet them. It's the first time I meet them so I introduce myself and the woman say she's glad to meet me and she has heard a lot about me.

I think I go inside a house that's inside the terrain of this antiques' place. I see I have guests there. One is a friend with her 3 year old son. The other is a family friend with her 3 year old daughter. I am very happy because the two kids who are the same age will have the chance to meet and be friends.


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