17 Jul

End of Time

End of Time

I had this dream 3x's .. My bro & i was walkn to a restaurant but decide to take a shortcut thru the graveyard. We c a icecream truck riding near & i reached down into my pocket to get my money, but when i looked up it turned into a dumptruck. I put my money bk while lookn in my pocket &when i looked up it was an icecream truck again.. i repeated the steps again n look up and its a dumptruck I tell my brother come on lets go to the top of the hill &watch it dump the dirt. so as it dumps the dirt out the dust is flying & i look up into the sky & it says COUNTDOWN in fire in cursive handwriting



    • Maria Carla Cernuto
      Professional Reflector

      Maria Carla Cernuto

      Posted on Jul 17, 2017

      Hi Sasha! If this were my recurring dream I would think it may be addressing bad eating habits or the way I may nourish myself or not (ice-cream, graveyard and dump-truck). Alternately, I would consider the ways I may feel I am wasting money or have low self-worth (money/dump-truck). I would ask myself, "How do I feel its time (countdown) to bring an end (graveyard) to negative eating or spending habits, and my dream is offering me an opportunity to take a higher perspective on my diet and/or more grounded approach (watch from hill) to accumulating money (dirt dumping)?"

        • joan paul

          joan paul

          Posted on Jul 18, 2017

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