15 May

Elemental Powers and Zombie Apocalypse Aboard??

Elemental Powers and Zombie Apocalypse Aboard??

It started with me going around and searching so I could learn elemental powers (don't ask, I think I still wasn't over Michael Scott's series). I had learned water and air, all that was left was fire and earth. I went in search for fire first. In the middle of it all, I remember taking out some of the boiling water in some lake outside and just dipping my barbecue in it (I don't even know why I did that). After that, I ran outside, searching for something that could help me learn fire. I found a little coal-covered fire behind some sort of incomplete machine or something. I went to it and held my hands very close over the thing, almost covering it completely. I kept thinking "I can do this, I can wield fire. I can." Weirdly, after that, I could. So I ran towards the balcony (I teleported to somewhere with a balcony) so I could test my air elemental. After that, I remember boarding on a ship. Everything was fine, they said that it would take around 28 days to get to my destination so I settled in. Inside, my classmates and almost everyone from school were sitting down, even my crush. I was reluctant to sit beside him, but my friend told me it was the only available seats left, or I sit out on the deck. It was so awkward sitting beside him, and even though I'm usually noisy when I'm with a friend, I was so quiet that even my friend was weirded out. It was only when nighttime came that I saw there was something weird about the atmosphere of the place. For some reason, zombies of different sizes (giants and human-like) just suddenly appeared on the ship without warning. I only remember being outside and witnessing the massacre of the people on board. It was like I was watching a movie. I couldn't move, I felt like I was watching through a camera. I was so horrified. I realized then that the government was trying to hide the existence of these creatures, as if breeding something completely forbidden and it rampaged out of their control. When I got back ashore (I don't know how I survived, everything just skipped), I felt so traumatized by what I saw. I was suddenly very frightened for the people ready to board that ship. I heard someone whisper in my ear that, "You should be thankful it was only 28 days. This next batch will be on board for 70+ days." I woke up then.

I've had this dream on repeat (sans the elemental powers thing) so I don't know why I wasn't able to do anything about it. I never was able to change a thing. I knew what was going to happen, but then it's like no matter what I do to stop it from happening, it still happens anyway. It doesn't reoccur each night, it just repeats after 5 nights or a month or so. I still don't know why I keep dreaming about the world ending or the possible cause of the world's end. Can anyone please tell me why that is so?


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