7 Nov

Dream about waking up

Dream about waking up

I woke up in the morning (in the dream) and had a guy come into our garage and talk about installing🔧something into our garage. I can't remember what. The dream was set in the late Summer of 2010 around the time before Halo: Reach🎮came out. My mom came in after him, he asked me if I'd rather him do his work when I get out of bed⛅or before I go to bed🌙.

I said when I get out of bed🌥. Those were his only two times. I happened to be getting up early because I was gonna go play Halo 3 with my friends📶and get ready for Reach. The dream made me remember just how remarkeble and groudbreaking that game was. Made me remember how excited I was. Even to this very day, it still looks better than most games now.

That game did a lot that no other game had done before. Like armor abilities. Singularity released before and had a form of that but it's production was started later than Reach's. It was also the first game to use a heartbeat💝with grenade audio🔊. Every game does that now. It's just as groundbreaking now as it was nine year ago.

As I walked into the living room. I woke up. It's weird to wake up before you wake up.


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